Formula of Success

It is now for the last 12 years that I have presented the Moneywise course live to about 1000 people. It is also for the last year that my wife is involved with the incredible Forever Living business which is a network marketing business. I have seen hundreds of people whose lives transformed from failure to success. I have listened to numerous testimonies of people that stood up out of the dumps and made a success of their lives. In myself I am a teacher and as I listened to these people and observed their lives and also my own life over the last 20 years; I could not but observe that there was a certain pattern or lifestyle that leads to success in all these people’s lives.

I have a total conviction that man was created an absolute success and that it is within every person to live a successful life. Success is our make-up and our birthright! I really urge you to become dissatisfied with a life that is not representing the true success that you are! Success is not for a few 10% people on earth, it is for every person on earth. Do not settle for less, you were made for fullness! We will look at all of the aspects of success and I trust that it will stir a hunger and a motivation in you to live the best that you are right here on earth.

The world around you needs the success that is in you. It is though your responsibility to face yourself and bring yourself to that point where you live the success that you are and to download that success into other people’s lives. You came pregnant to this earth with success in you. Give birth to that success and do not take it to the grave. Myles Munroe always said that the graveyard is maybe the richest place on earth because so many of the success that people planned to live are buried there. Live your success and die empty!


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