MoneyWise Course

Moneywise is a personal mentorship course that will help you to bring order in your personal finances and to obtain a plan for becoming free financially. It is your birth right to be financially free and this course will facilitate you unto it.

The course consists of different modules namely:
  • Module 1 = Ten Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Module 2 = Investments and Trusts
  • Module 3 = Wealth Creation
  • Module 4 = Formula of Success

Problems such as the following are addressed:

  • What prevents financial blessing from manifesting in your life?
  • Which healthy, financial principles are blessed?
  • What is the difference between money, mammon, riches and prosperity?
  • What is financial freedom?
  • What is the ten steps to financial freedom?
  • How to draw up a financial plan for your life?
  • How to draw up a budget? What is a healthy budget?
  • How do you manage your finances effectively?
  • How do you do your own books and save thousands?
  • How do you become debtfree?
  • How does loans work?
  • How does insurance work?

  • How do trusts and financial structuring work?
  • How to create your own trust, manage it personally and save R5000?
  • How can SARS finance your life?
  • How do you get sponsors to finance your whole life?
  • How do wills and estates work? How to write your own will.
  • How to prevent losing one third of your estate at your death.
  • How to deduct all your children’s expenses from tax.
  • How to retire at 40.
  • How do you invest R500 per month and retire with R80 000 per month?
  • How to make exponential, hundredfold profits.
  • How can every person invest and progress exponentially?
  • How to get loans in South Africa with 0% interest?

Additional documents:

Reason for MoneyWise (Eng)

Rede vir MoneyWise (Afr)

MoneyWise Invitation (Eng)

MoneyWise Uitnodiging (Afr)