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The purpose of this second module called "Investment and Trusts" is to set you on the road of wealth creation. It is difficult to work yourself into financial freedom and the only other way is investment. It is one thing to start out to work for money but to get to financial freedom money needs to work for you. It is in this phase that the uniqueness and creativeness of your being need to start to manifest. You also need to know how to structure and package your investments otherwise you can loose it very quickly. Financial structuring is an absolute essential element of financial freedom.

The ten chapters in this module are the following:
  1. The seed and harvest
  2. What is investment?
  3. Win the bank
  4. Financial discipleship
  5. Houses and bonds
  6. Retirement
  7. Trusts and financial structuring
  8. Trust administration
  9. Short- and long term insurance
  10. Tax

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