In the MoneyWise School project we play the MoneyWise Game with grade 10-12 students in schools. The Moneywise Game is a very powerful tool to introduce students to the real world of money where they need to make constant decisions to make progress in the game. The results are extremely good and open up new worlds for them. A second thing that we have in view for the youth is still in the planning phase. We want to develop a Moneywise Lite course for the students that will be digitally available.

We are currently busy with a project that we want to roll out from the beginning of 2021.

The focus of the project are first year students on university. We will start with the University of Pretoria. We want to give them all a book for free called "Arise and Shine".

It is all about wisdom in life how to successfully go through the phase of leaving the house and getting established in society. It is wisdom about what life is all about, relationships, success, finances, career and all other relationships.

In 2022 we want to go to all universities with the book if possible.
We are busy writing the book but need donations for the printing of the book.
Tax-deductible Donations can be made towards the project to educate the youth and to start up the MoneyWise process in every town. We enable people to go to schools to help break poverty through education, mentoring and discipleship groups.

Any person, organization or business may donate 10% of their total turnover to a project like this, for which you will receive a tax-deductible certificate. The name of the account and project is PAIDEIA LIFE, which means to take a person by the hand and mentor him in the principles of life.

The account details are:
PAIDEIA LIFE, ABSA (632 005), Acc No. = 9151 753 670

Email particulars of donor, address and donation to for the tax certificate